California Chapter Of The Wafu School

Welcome to the website of the Wafu Ikebana Society. We are excited to share with you our passion for ikebana: the art of Japanese floral arranging.

The unique beauty of Wafu Ikebana stems from its design philosophy, which emphasizes natural beauty. Season by season, it is a discovery and an inner awakening to each flower’s inherent beauty.  Nature has blessed us with abundance; in spring, cherry branches bloom bountifully, evoking feelings of eternal youth, while tall graceful miscanthus dances in the gentle autumn breeze. Beauty is everywhere and the Wafu style heightens nature’s essence through creativity and mysticism.

Wafukai arrangers strive for exquisite harmony between the flowers, the container, and the environment in which the arrangement is displayed. With a less restrictive approach to flower arranging than many other schools, the Wafukai philosophy teaches the practitioner “to arrange the flowers that you like – suitably – in a container that you like.”  This philosophy nurtures each artisan’s aesthetic sense while providing the artist with extensive ikebana instruction. There are infinite ways flowers fill us with hope and beauty!

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